Ilda Di Vico Couture Millinery stocks a range of men's hats that includes Panama, Flat Cap and Trilby's - although we are probably best known for sourcing and supplying rare and now highly coveted vintage Silk Top Hats - most notably for Royal Ascot.

Most come with the original box and are considered collectors items as they are no longer being manufactured. 

Pieces of history to keep forever.



Are you ready to become a part of the Macaroni Club? 

In the 18th century, many of the young elegant class in England became known as Dandies - although many regard Charles II as the trendsetter and real first Dandy.

The Grand Tour of Europe often took the English Dandy to Italy and France, and this perhaps goes some way to explaining why in London, these travelled young men, formed the 'Macaroni Club'!